Katie & George's engagement session In Lake GEorge -

This past summer was nothing short of magical. As the sun began its descent, casting a warm golden hue over the lake, we embarked on an fun adventure together. Amidst the stunning backdrop of Lake George's picturesque shores, we reveled in the joy of capturing their love story.

Navigating through the bustling crowds, we sought out hidden gems along the shoreline, where we could steal moments of quiet away from the hustle and bustle. From secluded coves to tucked-away nooks, we found solace in the docks, random moments of us being the only ones around, and the kindness of strangers setting up for a party but letting us use their property for a few minutes. It literally all worked out perfectly, and as blue hour crept in - it was brilliant to see the lights begin to twinkle all around us.

I can't wait for their wedding this summer!