Having an in-home maternity session offers a unique opportunity to capture authentic moments, allows us to not worry about the weather outside, and embrace the beauty of everyday life. Your home doesn't need to be pinterest worthy to have photos that have that nostalgic feel. It simply needs to have you. Maddi & Matt welcomed me into their home to capture this moment of their lives and I've never been more thankful. We had chick-fil-a and bounced around their house capturing each unique shot. I can't wait to remake some of these shots in a few short months when their little man arrives!

Are you thinking about having your own in-home maternity session?!

Here's 5 reasons why you should do it! -

5 reasons why Doing an in-home maternity Session is the way to go -

Comfort and comfortability - First and foremost being comfortable is the dream, especially in those last few months of pregnancy. Having that familiar environment and being in your own space easily can put someone at ease. Which obviously, translates into more natural and genuine moments creating those timeless photos.

Personal touch - Every home is unique and has meaningful elements that I'm able to include during the session. From nursery decorations, to favorite cozy corners, or maybe, even cherished family heirlooms like a crib that's been passed down for generations. These little personalized touches add a depth and authenticity to the images and give them that extra meaning.

Flexibility and convenience - In-home sessions offer a greater flexibility and convenience for both you, the clients, and me aka the photog. We can schedule the session at anytime that works best for you - or when the lighting is perfect in the main room you want to focus in. We don't have to take into account the weather, or transporting items or outfits to an external location - it's all right there at your home.

Embracing everyday moments - Pregnancy is all about enjoying the 9 month journey that's filled with everyday moments that often go unnoticed. By documenting these moments in your home, expecting parents can celebrate the ordinary - yet - extraordinary aspects of this special time in their lives.

Storytelling and connection - Having an in-home maternity session allows me to tell more of a comprehensive and intimate story. From the cozy nursery where you envision your baby's first steps to the kitchen table where you share meals and heartfelt conversations about the future, to even including your fur babes! By weaving these elements into the photographs, I can create a visual narrative that resonates deeply, fostering a sense of connection and nostalgia for years to come. Not to mention - animals are more likely to relax a lot sooner at home vs. a new environment so we're more likely to get that picture perfect shot with your fur-babe!

**Bonus** Imagine this - if you opt for an in-home newborn session as well, we could capture some of the same poses later on with your new baby! It's like creating a precious before-and-after moment right in the heart of your home!

Pregnancy is an incredible journey, and it's no small feat! Let's celebrate you and this future babe by capturing those timeless memories together.


Don't forget to ask me about how you can bundle your maternity and newborn sessions today to save even more!